Be Secured and Recycle

Many people keep receiving offers and application forms from credit card companies—it is so annoying that you have to scrap the paper before you trash it because you don’t want others take those applications to apply a credit card under your name. Or maybe you just don’t want others who have access to your recycling cart know your name and address—for security and privacy. Also to recycle documents that you don’t need anymore is hard—you don’t want others know any of those information. Here is some tips to be secured for security documents recycling.

Stop receiving mails that you don’t want.
Especially credit card offers, most of people don’t need it at all. But many credit card and insurance companies just keep sending out those mails to fill your mail box. Simple, you can just go to (a joint venture among Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion) and request to stop those mails. There are two choices: you can fill an online application and be removed from the list for five years, and you can fill an application to remove from the list permanently. Personally, I recommend to do the online one—even though on the application they ask for your birthday and SSN, you don’t have to fill in those information; all you need to do is to give your name and current address. It could reduce a huge amount of junk mails.

Shredder your document before you throw it away.
You don’t need a fancy paper shredder. If you mix all your shredded paper up before you throw it away, I don’t think anyone can do anything with those paper.

Attend a e-cycling event.
Take your paper to your local events, those professional companies will take it to shred and recycle.

Recycle your shredded paper
After you done the shredding process, you can just put those paper in your recycling cart—remember to put them in recycle able package/bag/box. You also can compost your shredded paper, but you need to make sure there is no colored or glossy paper. After you compost it, you can use it in your backyard for your gardening.