A green Christmas

How to have a green Christmas

Christmas, the greatest time of the year for many people. And yet, it also can do a lot of harm to the environment, many people don't seem to know this so here are some tips on how to help them have a more environmental safe Christmas.

1: Use a potted tree.
About 30 million Christmas trees go to the landfill, using a potted tree means you can reuse the tree year after year.

2: Recyclable wrapping paper.
Avoid tinfoil paper this year and get wrapping paper that is recyclable. There are various types of metal that go into the tinfoil paper that is not only wasting of metal, but can be harmful. Also if you open the wrapping gently, you can reuse it for another time.

3: Don't have so many lights plugged in.
So many lights not only increases your electric bill, but it also drains natural resources. Most people can avoid this by using LED lights.

I hope to anyone who reads this, that you all have a safe and eco-friendly Merry Christmas!