How to Start Your Own Sustainable Farm

Maintaining the landscape of the backyard may be hard for someone – lots of cutting and trimming for the trees and lawn and watering all these delicate flowers. And what you get is the visual pleasure. Instead of maintaining the garden, have you ever consider to start a backyard farm by yourself? Actually it is not that hard to start and it could work as a garden that provide you and your family food. It also can help you take one step further to your sustainable life style goal.

1.     You need a space.
Of course, you need space to grow your babies. If you have a backyard, you have plenty of space to work on. If you don’t have a backyard, don’t worry, here are still options for indoor farming.
For indoor farming, you can use small container to grow your plants. Instead of buying “professional” containers, you can use water bottles and food containers to make your own. Just cut them into the shape you want and fit them into your space. You can also choose to use vertical gardening method, which means you can hang your containers to wall and celling. To plant indoor is also a good way to decorate your house.
If you have backyard to play, you can reduce your lawn space and have edible plant on it. These plants also can create a great landscape for you.

2.     Decide what you grow.
What would you like to grow in your backyard? Good looking? Plants that you don’t need to take care too much? You need to consider about all these question. But above all, you need to choose something you and your family would like to eat. If you choose something you like to eat, you will have much move motivation and passion to work on your farm. Also you can prevent from wasting food.
Growing spices in your backyard is a good option. You don’t need to grown too much and it will be enough for your usage.

3.      Tips.
a.     Use rainwater to water your farm.
Install rain barrels to collect rain and use in your farm. It is good for recycling water and it will reduce your water bill.
b.     Make your own soil enhancement.
You don’t need to buy one from market, you can make you own by using your garden and kitchen waste, such as leaves, egg shell and banana peels. But remember, you should storage them into a container – keep your house clean. When you use it, remember to cover it with the solid well.