Why not grow it yourself?

Have you ever wondered if farming at the comfort of your own home is for you?
It is not hard to find out, you just have to give it a try.
Considering all the benefits that come with growing your own food, including the joy of connecting to nature, relaxation and the pleasure of the result. Plus now you will have something to impress your dinner guests.

Small kitchen herb garden (PC Apartment Therapy)

For starters, you can try these easily growing vegetables and herbs, including avocados, mushrooms, carrots and lemons. www.miraclegro.com is a great resource for those who are willing to test their gardening skills. This article will walk you through all necessary steps starting from general growing tips, to how to properly harvest your crop. You will be surprised how little it takes to get started.

Next, if you want to take your gardening skills to a next level, you have 2 options depending on your living situation. If you live in a suburban neighborhood, and have a back yard consider planting some fruit trees, or dedicating some space for a greenhouse or just a planting bed.
Get inspired with posts from Better Homes and Gardens. Follow the link to read all about your first outdoor gardener.

Urban outdoor garden (PC Tower Garden )

If you live in an urban environment, there is a solution for you as well. Anyone can sign in to participate in a community garden. The concept is simple, you are being provided with a small farming space, where you go to work on your garden along with few other urban farmers; then you get to take home and enjoy your harvest.
Use this link to American community gardening association (ACGA) website to find a community garden in your area. 

Come back here and tell us about your new garden!