Sustainable living practices

With our focus on the quality of products and the ties it has with better standards of living and sustainability, its important to note how someone can achieve this by changing behaviors in their lives. Food is just one quality to look at when talking about the subject of sustainable living practices. What are the other factors that people should strive for and what can they change right now to benefit from those results?

Some easy ways to achieve this will benefiting the community:

1. Become a member of your community
2. Practice minimization
3. Walk, bike, or car pool
4. Get more natural sleep
5. Buy with purpose and with information

These are simple ways to start on a path that can allow for people to make healthy change in their lives, which helps the community all together. Something that people can take away from the project and this post on sustainable living practices is that anyone can do it and that it doesn't take much to start. And although the project focused on the idea of seasonal food, its important to see the connections to other aspects of life that can help influence a more sustainable attitude on life.