Summer time fruits

Something to keep in mind when buying vegetables and fruits during the summer is to know which specific fruits and vegetables are growing during the summer, as it is more commonly found being grown and sold in farmers markets.  

 Here are some examples of fruits grown during the summer to look out for. These fruits are typically grown between June and August. 
Apricot: Apricots are at their peak in mid July and August

Blackberry: Blackberries are mainly at their peak during July to August. Blackberries are also very good for making delicious deserts such as blackberry pie! 

Cherry: Cherries are at their peak between late April to late August. Some delicious dessert ideas using cherries would be "Cherry Hand Pies" and "Cherry Cookies." 

Strawberry: Strawberries are at their peak in early June until August. This would be the perfect time to go to a U-Pick farm to pick your own strawberries. 

These are some examples of delicious summer time fruits that you can look out for during the summer when they are at their peaks! It's a good idea to keep these fruits in mind when buying fruits the next time you go grocery shopping!