Make It Yourself

Make it yourself

Do we actually know what kinds of products and ingredients are in the foods we consume? It’s important to know what goes into our bodies so that we can take care good care of our health. Considering the ingredients that grocery store products contain. They may not be dangerous, but they aren’t always the healthiest ingredients. The solution is simple, make your own food!

Making food at home is an easy and fun way to practice sustainable living. Not only is it a healthy choice but it supports local markets and local ingredients. There are so many great reasons to make your own food and there is so many recipes to enjoy. Here are a few reasons why making we should make own food.

1.    When making food at home we know exactly what we are consuming. When purchasing certain store products we can never be sure what we are feeding our families. By making our own foods we are able to feel confident in what we feed ourselves and others.
2.    It’s a healthier choice. When we see the ingredients we put in our homemade foods, we can then see what a healthier choice it is. There is no added preservatives or unneeded ingredients. By making our own food we can control what we eat. 
3.    You’ll taste the difference! Knowing what your eating the food will taste better. All natural products can taste immensely better than store bought. The food will actually taste fresh!

Once we make the decision to make our own food we will see the never ending list of recipes to try. For instance there are recipes for homemade ketchup,  mayonnaise, taco seasoning, yogurt, granola and more…

The first step in living a sustainable life is trying new things. With these recipes there are many places to start.