Global Vs. Local

Various Food and produce products come from all around the world and land in our homes threw buying, selling, and trading for various items that are in demand. As we are buying these products, do we have any idea as to where they came from? not only is it important to think about the location of a product, but also familiarize ourselves as to what items we should or should not buy/produce depending on the season.

As humans, we generally go into the grocery store not taking into consideration what is truly in season or not simply because the item is always there, regardless of if it should be or not. We can always find bananas, tomatoes, onions, green veggies, apples, oranges, etc in stores, and why is that? This reason comes from what we like to refer to as the global trade industry. If you think about it, of course there is no way that the Northwest can produce every single produce item year-round and have it be perfect.

 The rise of supermarkets throughout the United States originating from Great Britain, have greatly impacted the global food network. Supermarkets have had impact in less agricultural output and have become urbanized within our society being one of the most used grocery store shopping in America. These supermarkets put focus some focus into local growers and farmers; however mainly work on a wider scale shopping less local. This has brought large amount of attention to small businesses around the country trying to bring back local products into stores.

Contributoria, and independent journalism community states that, "the idea of sustainable food systems focus on social justice and environmental sustainability regardless of location." Everything we buy has an ethical connection behind it and the sustainable food systems attempt to understand these connections and find ways to make the consumers have a better understanding as well.

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The link below takes you to Contributoria's article regarding the breakdown of the global and local food systems.