Food Economics

With the relationship between the quality of food, specifically seasonal foods, and the economically impact both on the market and in a sustainably means there has developed a connection between the two ideas that has created a interesting study for this environment. The idea being that the question 'what are the connections between the seasonal food subject and the economics behind it?' is being asked.  

"In the last several decades, the economics of the food system have changed dramatically.  Millions of farms have folded as government policy has encouraged larger, more intensive farm operations, such as the factory farm model for producing meat, eggs and dairy."

As more consumers consider the environmental, health and social consequences of industrial food production, demand for sustainably raised foods is growing. According to the USDA, farmers are dedicating more and more land to organic production in response to consumer demand, with total organic acreage increasing at a rate of 15 percent annually. 

This is interesting and relatable to our subject matter because it takes a look at what the cost both finically and economically of choosing a seasonal foods option.