Don't forget About Your eggs!

When thinking about foods and the season that they are best eaten in, we tend to just think about produce and not so much meat products. What if I told you that buying your meat in season is just as important as fruits and vegetables? When we buy local gown products in season, the cost is less expensive compared to items bought in the off season. For example, when you go to the grocery store and attempt to buy fresh herbs during the winter time, it would be more expensive compared to if you went to your local farmers market during the summer and bought a large amount for half the price simple because the supply is higher for the demand.

Focusing more into meat production, large farms (and small ones too) have had to basically trick chickens to produce eggs year round and other livestock to artificial insemination. Without tricking mother nature, year-round production of eggs and meat would be unimaginable and quite rare in our society. Have you ever gone into a grocery store and have not seen chicken products, steak products, or other egg options? neither have I. Just some food for thought!


Too look deeper into seasonal meat consumption, lets look at egg consumption. Grocery stores will usually advertise that eggs are most in demand during the fall and winter months even though studies show that that is not accurate. Most farmers and anyone who has raised chickens will tell you that chickens do not usually lay eggs year-round and if it is too hot, too cold, or they irritated, they will not lay any eggs. In the summer time when chickens are more free range they are more likely to eat grass, veggies, bugs, and other outdoor options gaining weight faster and have a much deeper yolk color and consistency.

Below are two links both focusing on the benefits of eating in season and focus strictly on sustainability. Continue to follow our blog and website to find not only interesting facts regarding sustainable food, but fun and helpful hints as well!

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