When to eat what

I LOVE STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE, and there are restaurants that cater to my love for strawberry shortcake by making it available to me all year round. Most of us don't think twice about where the strawberries are coming from and when we do it's just to tell ourselves "gee, sure am glad we can get strawberries". But what's really happening when we eat foods that just shouldn't be consumed during that particular season? What does it do to us?

Eating out season isn't just about eating fruits that aren't grown here in the united states during that season. It could be eating complex carbs and foods high in protein when we should actually be avoiding them. There are two big reasons to eat in season:

First, it allows us to save ourselves some money. When we buy fruit and foods that are in season we are buying the best tasting fruit for the lowest price and who doesn't want to save some money.

Secondly, it keeps us healthy. Like I previously said eating in season may involve things that you didn't even think about. Like not drinking coffee every morning and alternating for something that's not a diuretic like fruit juice. Or not eating burgers that cause our bodies to work more and overheat especially in the summer.

Now I know that you're probably wondering what fruits should I eat and when then?

Well I wouldn't leave you hanging. Here is a simply chart courtesy of Pinterest
For more information, check out this website: http://www.msn.com/en-us/health/nutrition/8-surprising-foods-you-should-never-eat-in-summer/ss-BBtnCer#image=1