Welcome to Our Summer Topic: Seasonal Food Sustainability

We’ve got a fresh group of contributors preparing all new content for the summer session here at EcoMerge. This round we’ll be exploring the different aspects of seasonal food sustainability and how this topic ties into our overarching theme of seeking balance between economic value and ecological cost.

A large part of seasonal food sustainability lies in tapping into local food production. Having out-of-season food shipped to you from across the world has severe climate and ecological impacts, but has the benefit of helping to support communities spread around the globe. Our challenge as advocates of seasonal food sustainability will be to make a clear case for why we should shift our food production and consumption to a local and seasonal model, while at the same time offering ways to mitigate any economic hardship for those who depend on the current model.

I wanted to start off this new session by highlighting some excellent programming that PBS produced for their Lexicon of Sustainability web series. If you need a primer on sustainable food production and it’s intricate interrelationships, you can’t do much better than this series.

A great entry point is their episode entitled “Local.” In it we learn a bit about food miles, locavores, and urban farming.

I encourage you to take a look at all of the videos on this topic over on the PBS site.

The Lexicon of Sustainability