Sustainable Source of Power

A new way of cooking and even pasteurizing your water is through the innovative technology within solar cooking. Moderate cooking temperatures in simple solar cookers help preserve nutrients. Those, who otherwise do not want to worry about fuels, can cook nutritious foods — such as legumes and many whole grains — that require hours of cooking with solar. The three most common types of solar cookers are heat-trap boxes, curved concentration and panel cookers. A transparent heat trap around the dark pot lets in sunlight, but keeps in the heat. This is a clear, heat-resistant plastic bag or large inverted glass bowl (in panel cookers) or an insulated box with a glass or plastic window (in box cookers). Curved concentration cookers typically don’t require a heat trap. It does have to cost much if anything! Items found in your house can easily be made into a solar cooker and can cost less than $5 to make if you needed to purchase the material. Not only is it ecofriendly and has actually been seen around the world, Oregon actually hosts multiple events throughout the year for free cooking classes using this technology, depending on sunshine of course. If you or someone you know would like to be a part of this fun and interactive way to cook sustainable, please contact these people at for more information.