Portlands Farmers Market and Effects

                Sustainable food has been known to be paired with organic food but what really goes into making something sustainable and organic? According to Suzanna Didier of the SF Gate, state that “Although practices vary, farmers who grow food in a sustainable manner typically rotate crops to intercept weed, disease and pest problems, get nitrogen from natural sources like green manure and compost, practice soil conservation, minimize soil erosion and eliminate or limit the contamination of water with agricultural chemicals.” Now, when we take a deeper look into the practices of these farmers and the techniques they use to help protect their crops and users alike, we need to take more seriously the foods we buy and where we buy them from.  According to health officials nationwide, there are several key points that make sustainable food better all-around for everyone from the farmer to consumer. First of all, it contributes to environmental conservation by allowing for certain resources to stay retained for future generations. Secondly, by using sustainable techniques lowers pollution on all levels. Thirdly, it is actually cheaper for us all to produce sustainable food. Fourth, Sustainable agriculture results in biodiversity as the farms produce different kinds of animals and plants. Fifth, All animals living in the farm are facilitated to exhibit their natural behaviors like grazing, pecking or, rooting. This helps them to grow in a natural way. Sixth, when farmers engage themselves into sustainable agriculture they receive a fair wage for their effort. As a result their dependence on government subsidies is reduced, thereby strengthening the rural communities. Seventh, when sustainable agriculture is practiced workers are offered competitive salaries and benefits. They are treated with humanity; provided with safe work environment, food and proper living conditions. And lastly, sustainable agriculture decreases the use of non-renewable environmental resources and is thus quite beneficial for the environment. So as they tell us all, support your local farmers promote locally owned, grown and operated food markets and do your part to be your own urban farmer. For a local listing of local farmer markets around the Portland Area, please take a look on www.oregonfarmersmarkets.org.