zero waste grocery experienceZERO WASTE IS POSSIBLE
I think we all can agree that there is a huge amount of food packaging being taken out to our dumpster each week.  I know that I personally have never really thought that there is a way around food packaging since almost everything comes in some sort of packaging.  Well, I am not alone one third of the materials in landfills consist of disposable food packaging.  It is concerning to imagine that 40% of food is wasted from farm to fork and so much of this packaging might even be for food that was not even consumed.  Is it possible to go from 40% waste to zero?

A couple of zero waste grocery stores have taken on the challenge of food packaging waste and are acting as pioneers in reducing waste in the grocery industry.  The stores have no wrappers or bags and all food is purchased with reusable containers.

in.gredients is one of the stores that is leading change in no waste, it is located in Cherrywood of East Austin, Texas..  It offers everything from personal care products to local produce and prepared foods.  They even have bug spray in bulk.  They not only offer this for the customers but work with local vendors to encourage them to utilize reusable and returnable packing as well.  

The idea with these stores is that people will bring their own reusable containers yet they sell them in store as well.  They charge a low modest price for the ones in store to encourage people from using as many containers as the stores that offer them for free.  

How do you think this store will do?  Is it going to be popular?