Solar Cooking

Solar cooking as a solution to many problems in the developing world.

The use of solar ovens to address cooking needs in developing countries solves many problems beyond giving people a safe and inexpensive way to cook their food.

·      The United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization estimates that 3 billion people lack adequate cooking fuels. (source:
·      Many people spend as much on fuel as they do on the food they actually will cook.
·      People in developing countries can spend upwards of 40 hours a week gathering wood and stripping trees.
·      Cooking fires contribute to both deforestation and pollution, polluting the atmosphere at significant levels, contributing to global warming and the greenhouse effect.
·      Cooking fires contribute to disease as well, diseases of the lungs and eyes, as well as burns.
·      In a cooking hut, family members are exposed to smoke in an amount that is equivalent of 10 or more packs a day.
·      Contaminated drinking water used for cooking causes 1 billion children to suffer from diarrhea and of those 1 billion, 7 thousand die daily.