Regenerative Farming and Agriculture

Agriculture is a huge sector of our economy. What can we do to make this big business more regenerative and sustainable? The Rodale Institute created the following Circle of Regenerative Agriculture which can help you (a reader interested in sustainable practices) or you (a farmer) to understand this concept:

You and Your Farm–By farming organically, you are regenerating the soil and returning it to its natural, healthy state. By farming without chemicals, you are also regenerating your health and your family's health.

The Local Environment–The wildlands, wetlands and the environment surrounding your farm are regenerated by your organic practices. Dangerous chemicals no longer wash out of your fields and beneficial birds and wildlife return to help you keep down insect pests.

The Community–the local community and the world beyond are also regenerated by your farm as you recycle natural waste products into your fields, reducing local pollution points. As people eat your organic food, they are being regenerated and made healthier. Your farm is helping to clean up the planet!

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France has created the “4 per 1000 initiative” An international project whose aim, is to demonstrate that agriculture, and agricultural soils in particular, can play a crucial role where food security and climate change are concerned”

The below image demonstrates their initiative:

This is something that can be emulated here in the U.S. and promoted throughout our farming communities. Click the link to join their initiative or forward to those you know who would be interested. There are several action plans that can be implemented in a wide variety of circumstances from training, public policy, supply chain, and local level agricultural management.