Let There Be Light!


MPowerd, a company based in New York is committed to providing products that are both innovative and ecologically responsible. In 2012, Mpowerd created the "Luci." The Luci is an inflatable, lightweight, and an easy to carry source of light.  The Luci is solar powered, harnessing energy from a limitless source as well as having no limits on the availability of the light itself.

The Luci, being collapsible and easily transportable can be used for all types of situations. From camping and outdoor parties, to improving the quality of life for people in developing countries. Beyond the convenience factor, the Luci light has the potential to impact and empower the 1.5 billion people in the developing world who still live without electricity.  The lack of light as the sun goes down means these people are faced with many disadvantages.  When the sun goes down, students can no long read and study to further their education, women are unable to walk safely to gather wood for fires or water for cooking and drinking.  Community wise, health clinics are unable to stay open after dark.

Until now the solution has been kerosene, which as been proven to be both toxic, dangerous, and expensive as well.


·      children can study after dark
·      women are at less risk completing their daily tasks after dark
·      entrepreneurs have more hours to be productive, contributing to the local economy
·      less CO2 is released into the atmosphere
·      health clinics are able to stay open later, benefitting the entire village
·      families are able to save money and protect the environment by replacing kerosene lamps with the Luci lamp

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