Clothing and Sustainability

            When discussing factors related to sustainability we often single out the most apparent contributors: fuel burning cars, industrial pollution, and simple material waste.  While it is true that each of these factors are seriously important and demand the attention they’re getting, have you ever stopped to think that something as simple as your t-shirt could also be a key cog in the process?  This is an idea discussed by Yael Aflalo as he reconciles with the vast amount of damage done by the fashion industry.  As a designer himself, Yael first came face to face with his own involvement in sustainability early on in his career during a visit to China.  It was here that he saw the manifestations of pollution and the terrible effects they were having.  He decided to make a change and reapply his fashion footprint in a more conscious manner, adopting manufacturing processes that helped sustainability instead of hurting it.  Now, I’m not advocating for a full scale retooling of one’s life to completely fit a mold of sustainable practices.  Like Yael Aflalo, I’m simply advocating for awareness.  We must be aware of how ubiquitous the issues of sustainability are in order to start making strides to fix them.  Although sustainable fashion is largely conducted on a small scale, there are still numerous brands out there that dedicate their lives to making sure their products are of a high quality for both the consumer and the Earth.

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