Using Other Forms of Energy: The Rise of Solar Panel Installations

Using Other Forms of Energy: The Rise of Solar Panel Installations

Another huge part of regenerative economics is to use the already existing resources that don’t negatively impact the planet, but are cleaning offered up by our planet. A few of these include the use of wind energy and solar energy. The great news is that Solar energy and the use of solar panel installations is on the rise in the U.S. This is fantastic news, much of which is the direct result of incentives that certain states are giving their citizens that harness this clean form of energy. According to Glenn Meyers and the data he has collected in solar energy;

“1. Annual count of solar panel installs has increased to nearly 80K in just two decades

2. California counts the most solar panel installations, with almost 300,000

3. California, Texas, and Colorado offer the most incentives for rooftop solar

4. California, New Jersey, and Arizona have the most installs per incentive

All four of these findings are the result of a positive move forward: the more reusable energy that we collect and use, the less non-sustainable energy that is being collected and used. Although this is just a small step toward a solution it shows great promise.

Glenn Meyers entry on planetsave can be found here:


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