The Importance of Regenerating the Earth

Our Earth is a capital asset that society constantly uses to maintain our current lifestyle. More people need to realize the importance of Earth’s natural resources being ‘renewable’ and not ‘limitless.’ Scientists have calculated that we are using more resources than the planet can regenerate yearly. If the use of resources continues to elevate, then all the available resources will suffer depletion and the society as a whole will begin to experience a poor quality lifestyle. The air that we breathe is a major resource that deteriorates by our consumption and energy use. We continue to release toxins in the environment, while deforestation endangers natural habitats of different species. I believe reducing the carbon dioxide emitted into the air by a small percentage will benefit the process of regenerating Earth. Doing so is costly to major businesses; therefore, companies tend to continue their regular practices to maximize profits. Once the depletion of our resources begins to become a serious threat, then more companies will comply to rejuvenate Earth itself.