Some title about co2 emissions

Emissions in the atmosphere are a constant issue for the environment. Burning fuels for energy is the main culprit of CO2 emissions. Producing electricity and transportation sources are responsible for over 60% of total CO2 production. The use of electricity in our homes and in company buildings requires the burning of coal. As technology advances, the use of electrify increases in standard homes. The demands for new gadgets are at an all-time high and our consumption of energy corresponds with our desire for innovations. If every family monitored their heat and cooling use and unnecessary lighting use, it would reduce our reliance on coal energy. Transportation is the second largest producer of CO2 behind electricity. As people use vehicles to travel to different locations, emissions seep into the atmosphere from combustion s of fossil fuels. There are already many forms to reduce emissions such as public transportation or hybrid cars. In small cities, people are even traveling on foot or bicycling through town. If we carpool more often or use these other methods to travel, it will lead to a reduction of fossil fuel burning. Reducing the use of these two sources of CO2 will affect the health of the Earth tremendously. Scientists predict that if we do not change our habits the environment of the Earth will experience a severe negative impact.