Resources for Building Regenerative Communities

The above article identifies 8 principles to systemic health and regenerative economies:
1. Right Relationship; we are all part of an interconnected web of life
2. View Wealth Holistically; not just money but social and cultural capital
3. Adaptive Response; continuous learning and innovation
4. Empowered Participation; contributing to the whole
5. Honors Community and Place; recognizing the uniqueness of mosaic of peoples, resilient communities
6. Edge Effect Abundance; "Edges are also where risk lies. At those edges the opportunities for innovation and cross-fertilization are the greatest"
7. Robust Circulatory Flow; regeneration, robust flow of money, information, resources, while flushing toxins
8. Seeks Balance; large and small, collaboration and competition, healthy networks

What is a Regenerative Community? Described by the Council of the Anthroposophical Society as, “one that moves beyond sustainable and is rather in a continual process of renewal and restoration in order to move toward greater and greater health and balance. A regenerative community is able to withstand inevitable external pressures and stressors in the three realms of social life — economics, politics and culture — due to its collaborative nature between these activities in social life."

Key Attributes of a Regenerative Community
  • Resilience
  • Living simply
  • Tapping into inner resources through nature and spirituality
The referenced guide provides several resources in starting meaningful dialogues regarding regenerative and sustainable communities; action plans, cultivating leadership, spiritual capitalism, and more. I encourage you to review this resource in full if you are engaged to make a difference for those around you and within your own community towards regenerative living.

Current “Conscious Community-Building Initiatives
  • Bioneers, a nonprofit educational organization that uses a nature-inspired approach to connect people to solutions
  • RSF Social Finance (guide contributor); working with investors and non-profits to fund initiatives related to food, agriculture, sustainability, and environmental stewardship us
  • Find a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and be provided with local, fresh food and develop a closer relationship between farmer and consumer

Sustainable Communities Game
Interactive online games aimed to help kids from various ages understand themes of sustainability including travel, environmental issues, energy, and communities