Important regenerative capital assets

The Earth is filled with many assets we find necessary to continue living comfortably. Deforestation was an alarming issue that many citizens fear. This past year, scientists have calculated that deforestation has slowed down. If we can manage the growth of forests better, we can preserve the habitats of millions of throughout the world. 

One major problem is the rate of urbanization, with the population shifting to living in urban areas, the need for growth causes more pollution and deforestation. Urbanization requires more energy and food to be depleted, which can eventually be depleted. If we consume more animals faster than their rate of reproduction, then eventually many species will become extinct in our world. 

Farmlands also have the ability to suffer and we will not be able to produce enough vegetation to support the population of the world. Having bigger cities and an increase in urban areas will also lead to a higher rate of emissions produced. We need to use the energy produced by the sun as one of our top energy producers. Solar energy is a renewable energy source that does not produce any harmful emissions to the environment. Having a new renewable energy will be important for future generations and for maintaining the health of the Earth.