Fun under the Sun!

“The Sun will rise and set regardless. What we choose to do with the light while it's here is up to us." -Alexandra Elle

The sun is a free resource available to us all. The light and heat that it provides us have countless uses and benefits that can conserve money, resources, and the environment. Here are some ways the sun can be utilized in a fun, and effective way.

1) Water treating

This is a simple one. Instead of spending your money on a fancy water filter, the suns ultraviolet rays can be used to disinfect your drinking water.

Leaving water in the sun for about 6 hours will kill any harmful bacteria or other micro-organisms in your drinking water without the need for filtering. Give it a try!

2) Solar bottle lights

This technique utilizes the scattering of sunlight through plastic water bottles to light a room.

As seen in the image, the light scattering through the water bottles sufficiently illuminates the room without the use of electricity.

This can save electricity and cut the cost of lighting appliances. Where would be ideal locations to use this method? Tree house? Garage?

3) Drying clothes

Washing machines and dryers have only become larger and fancier with time. When was the last time you saw someone hanging up their clothes to dry?

The benefits of this include more than just saving electricity on a dryer. The sun will effectively bleach and disinfect your clothes without the use of harsh detergents and bleach in your laundry. You can also save about $120.00 a year by drying your clothes outside!

The manufacturing of dryers has a larger impact on the environment than the manufacturing of the string used in a clothes line. This is obviously the sustainable option! Give it a try!

4) Solar powered ovens

These contraptions can come in all shapes and sizes. Essentially, what you need is:
- Empty cardboard box
- Mirrors or Aluminum foil
- Tape

Solar ovens can reach temperatures up to 200° F; enough to large varieties of food.

What are the benefits? 
- No electricity is consumed
- Completely safe operation
- Little attention is required during cooking

Utilizing these tips not only saves you money. More importantly, it promotes a sustainable lifestyle that takes advantage of an unlimited resource that's available to us. The methods shown here are simple, effective, and economic. These are just a few ways the sun can be used to benefit your life, and  put a positive spin on your contribution to the environment. The sun is the ultimate resource, and every moment it shines on us should be cherished.

Can you think of other ways the sun can be used sustainably? Try to implement them in your own life! See what happens!