Consumers Role in Regenerative Economics

As more and more companies move towards sustainable practices and a model of regenerative economics, it is important for us as consumers to support them.  Our economy is based on the foundation of supply and demand.  If the population buying products demands that said products are created using regenerative methods, then companies will face no other option than to expand their practices, or in some cases completely change them.  On the other side, if companies make a conscious effort to convert to sustainable practices and aren’t met with sufficient support from customers buying their products then they may become wary of continuing these practices.

            It is not enough to be vocal about the need for sustainability, consumers must speak with their actions as well.  Research which companies you associate with and purchase from.  Research their stances on sustainability and whether or not it is one of their top priorities.  Find new companies to purchase from and support.  In the context of economics, sustainability is a two way street; companies must convert to appease customers, and customers must support these products to appease the companies.

For some information on companies currently making strides in sustainability and how they work not only with customers, but also each other, please follow this link: