Using our Resources to their Full Potential

Regenerative Economics revolves around the topic of being sustainable, while replenishing resources used. To do this you would need to find alternative solutions and materials. There is also a big focus on the earth and sun, and what it provides for us.

A quote from a blog stated, “Regenerative Capitalism is not about ending capitalism, but evolving it to produce the inclusive, broadly shared vitality and prosperity its founders envisioned.” It isn’t that the old ways doesn’t work, it’s that it won’t continue to work in the future if we use materials and resources in the way we do today. We need to evolve from our old ways and more forward with a more sustainable solution.

An article on FoodTank, link here, talks about how farming in the future and the problem with food waste. “Producing food is one of the most important and pressing issues for sustainability and human wellbeing.” We waste about 30% of our food, while others have no food around the world.

Another article on Huffington Post talks about wasting our resources, link here. We fail to realize that a lot of our products can be recycled or used again, losing the benefits they first had. “To fully understand the problems with waste we currently have on this planet, it is first critical to note that waste as we know it is a uniquely human invention. In nature, there is no waste. It is a regenerative system where all outputs inevitably become useful inputs to another component of that system: a fallen tree becomes food for termites or a home to other organisms; a decomposing flower adds nutrients to the surrounding soil; and the remains of a lion’s recent hunt become a meal to scavengers.” If we create a system that revolves around Regenerative Economics more, we might be able to solve some this problems that nature just seems to get. We currently don’t use our resources to their full potential.