The True Value of Our Earth

Understanding Regenerative Economics
Understanding the true value of our planet!

Regenerative economics is all about understanding the substantial amount of capital that our Earth contains. If not used properly, as many practices that we currently employ.

Ecological Limits to Human Activity

“reconciling our aspirations for the good life with the constraints of a finite planet.” 
-Tim Jackson

As a society we must learn how to operate within our planets means, this of course leads to the need for individuals to take a step back and consider what natural resources they consume everyday that are becoming more and more limited on our planet, as well as being some of the catalysts to the deterioration of our planet. This leads me directly to another area for consideration: Resources that we continue to use as commodities that have lead to resource scarcity and lasting impacts on our planet, the most obvious of which is Climate change.

1.     Oil
2.     “Strategic Minerals”
-Which includes, (copper, tin, silver, chromium, zinc and many others)


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