Changing our values

The regenerative economic system places the health and maintenance of the earth in front of profits. In order words, it changes our values. These priorities force companies to consider the impact their practices have on the environment. While working to regenerate capital assets, this economic system could offer benefits that extend to areas like social health and awareness. Under pure capitalism, children are taught to value things like wealth, success, and fame. For the rest of their lives, cost-benefit analyses are made in respect to those values, usually at the expense of something or someone. The cost is money, and the benefit is money. This profit driven mindset is demonstrably damaging to the environment and society. For example, hydraulic fracturing causes ground water contamination, methane emissions, and air pollution.

              The solution is a change in societal values. Once environmental sustainability is valued higher than profits, a radical shift should occur. People would still make cost-benefit analyses, but now, the cost is the environment, and the benefit is the environment. This kind of thinking will spark new industries to emerge, providing more employment opportunities and expansions. Income inequality could also be reduced, as rich corporate executives would lose profits, while the working class would benefit from the opportunities of a new industry. When greed isn’t the main driving force for the economy, many of the human rights and environmental violations by companies will be eradicated, hopefully opening the door for a more cooperative, and inclusive system of economics that will sustain our world to the end.