Methane could have an impact on the upcoming election

In a recent announcement, President Obama clearly understands the dangers that increased levels of methane can have. With the help of the visiting Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Obama reiterated a stance that his administration took over a year ago. They reported the need to cut 40-45 percent of methane emissions by 2025.

It is an important development for leadership to recognize the harms of methane instead of solely focusing on carbon dioxide emissions. While carbon dioxide accounts for over 60 percent of the American gas emission, methane only accounts for 10 percent. Methane gas, however, is over 84 times more potent over a 20-year period than carbon dioxide. Due to the increased potency, methane is equally as harmful for our atmosphere as carbon dioxide.

It is a good start that the current Obama administration is finally acknowledging the dangers of methane to our planet. Their plan, however, might run into trouble with the possibility of a Republican president being elected. The proposals put forth likely won’t have any kind of effects until next January, after Obama leaves the White House. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have said they will keep Obama’s efforts on global climate going. The Republican candidates have stated just the opposite and plan on making cuts. It will make for an interesting point for potentials voters on election day.

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