Methane Captured with a Camera

A camera has been built by Swedish scientists that make methane gases visible. This camera could help researchers study greenhouse gases and help answer questions about climate change and global warming. This camera uses infrared spectroscopy; this method captures a spectrum of infrared light for every pixel in an image. In the images shown below the purple plume is methane released from researchers labs to test the camera, they also captured images of a waste incineration plant, sewage sludge and a barn with 18 cows inside.

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas; it warms the planet 86% time more effective than carbon dioxide says researchers. However, researchers are still developing an understanding of how methane moves through the environment. Satellites also measure methane levels on a regional or even global scale but this camera fills the gap between the two scales. It also helps pinpoint the sources of methane gas and how it moves.