Life on Mars, is methane the key?

On Earth, we are worried about the production of methane and the harm that it can cause our environment and way of life. Count NASA among the people who are actively looking for methane and are excited to find it. There is only one minor difference, NASA is looking for methane on Mars.

It is well documented that methane on Earth is mostly produced through biology, by life itself. Therefore, due to recent and recurring findings from the Curiosity rover, there is renewed hope that there was or is currently traces of life on Mars. Mars has been known to have very small amounts of methane, but the new findings from the Curiosity indicate much bigger amounts of methane than previously thought.

In support of Curiosity's findings, meteorites from Mars that have landed on Earth have been examined. What they found from the center of meteorites are larger traces of methane than expected. This further supports the idea that life could potentially exist on Mars. Methane itself could support extreme forms of life and may be already if it turns out something is producing more methane on Mars.

For something that has potential to do real damage to life on Earth, it is quite extraordinary that methane could be a key to life on Mars.