DIY Methane Digester

Have you ever wondered how to produce your own energy or looking to get more out of your compost pile? A methane digester just might be what you are looking for. By putting your decomposing food and/or manure into an airtight container you can produce methane gas that can be used to run things around your house. “Whenever organic materials are decomposed by bacteria anaerobically (i.e. in the absence of oxygen) methane and carbon dioxide are produced.” (Source 2) Instead of throwing away your food and filling up landfills with decomposing foods that allow methane to go unchecked, try using a digester. “Un-burnt methane released into the atmosphere is a powerful greenhouse gas, 10% of our personal impact on the climate comes from the food refuse we put in our garbage bins that ends up decomposing under landfill.” (Source 2) 

How much food scraps or manure you need depends on the size of the digester but “It takes a minimum of two to three days before a bio digester begins to produce gas, since the acid-forming bacteria need to do their work before the methane-producing bacteria can go to work.” (Source 1) There are also different ways of making one, some use and bucket and water catch to store methane and others use tubing.  Source 1 Located in Eugene Oregon made his out of brick. 

Below are some diagrams and also a link to an instructables page on how to make your own methane digester.