Methane Revealed: Infrared Videos Show Pollution Across America

On the tail of what has been confirmed to be the worst methane leak in California's history, Earthworks has released a map over over 180 videos showing oil and gas methane leaks across the US.  Using infrared technology, the videos reveal problem locations like gas wells and pipelines spewing air pollution.

By exposing the link between oil and gas facilities and the unhealthy environments they create, Earthworks hopes for new rules in state and federal regulations to be enacted for these sites. “Infrared videos allow us to see the magnitude of EPA’s draft Greenhouse Gas Inventory revision in black and white. Oil and gas methane pollution is more severe than previously thought, and more widespread,” said Lauren Pagel, Earthworks’ policy director. “We need EPA to step up and set standards for oil and gas climate pollution from all facilities. But frankly the best way to eliminate this pollution is to keep dirty fossil fuels in the ground.”

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