Dairy Dare for Your Derriere

Want to do something good for yourself and for the environment? Take the Dairy Dare for Your Derriere Challenge! By participating in this challenge you can help to reduce the amount of methane in the atmosphere and lessen its effects on climate change by consuming fewer dairy products and decreasing the demand for their production. Foods like milk, ice cream and cheese are high in fat and cutting your weekly consumption of them down can improve your diet and help reduce the greenhouse gas emitted from agricultural production.

Here’s how to take the Dairy Dare challenge: first, spend a week recording how many servings of dairy you consume, then decide what percentage you want to dare yourself to cut out of your diet for the next week. Set your own goal. Maybe it’s 20% less than the week before, or a day with only half as many servings. Dare yourself to consume a little less dairy and feel good that you’re also helping the environment. Good luck!

Learn more at http://methaneeducation.weebly.com.