Modern Methane Management in Thailand

Many think that a garbage heap is the end of the line when it comes to product usefulness, but it turns out that the Pangea Green Energy Company in the Philippines has figured out how to pull even more potential out of the Patayas landfill.

The waste accumulating in the landfill becomes a massive source of methane as the garbage decomposes. Converting this methane to electricity keeps the gas from our atmosphere and reduces the need to burn fossil fuels. 

Following a process similar to that of gas wells, the methane is captured with pipes set into the landfill. Methane is then drawn down to a power station at the bottom of the site and pumped into generators to create electricity. Jennifer Fernan Campos, who is the President of the company behind the project, says that the greenhouse gases that are now being saved at Payatas landfill is the equivalent to taking 18,000 cars off Manila's roads.

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