The Masked Children Of India

The masked children of India are suffering from the pollution not just outside but in their classrooms. During rush hour is usually the peak of pollution, but imagine it in your school and in your class. This is a very large concern for India, they are looking for ways to help the problem. The children are now suffering from many lung issues. One in every ten children suffer from lung problems. India's  children have really weak lungs. During the winter months is usually the worse time for pollution in India. In those winter months many children don't play outside they stay indoors to not be put in high risk.
Some of India's solutions for the pollution, besides cutting back on driving, is air purifiers. India has a high demand for these filters. They make purifier companies thousands of dollars a year. Clean air in India comes at a price, so with India having a high poverty rate many children are still at risk, especially in the capital. The children are the ones suffering. Some people can afford different ranges of air purifiers but tests have shown that some of the cheaper products can push out pollution into the air. So its a counter productive product but according to the market guidelines in India they are still allowed on the market. So who is actually protecting the children, will India have a next generation? 

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