New Marijuana Laws Could Have Hidden Health Effects

Oregon is a special state in regards to its marijuana laws.  On July 1 2015, Oregon’s Measure 91 went into effect, and residents over the age of 21 are now able to use marijuana in private residences, as well as grow up to four plants per residence.  While the measure does not affect current landlord/tenant laws, there are potential health issues that present themselves if residents begin to grow and smoke marijuana in the home.  This is particularly true of residential buildings with many tenants.  While this isn’t common for cigarettes, marijuana is smoked indoors regularly and often without regard for the health issues.  This introduces a smoke hazard that might not normally present itself.  Along with smoke pollution, growing marijuana plants can create issues with chemical fumes and the development of mold; many residential buildings are not properly ventilated to accommodate for growth of marijuana, particularly if multiple residents are growing plants in a single building.  Read more to find out what health hazards you could be facing.