More Plants Better Air Quality

        Being from Portland and traveling to different states, I have learned to cherish the fact that we have phenomenal air quality. Although I am not a fan of the extreme amounts of rainfall that we receive in our winter days, they are much needed in order to create the beautiful green trees that purify our air and make it fresh. Recently I relocated from Portland to California and it has made me appreciate our air quality in Portland even more. Whenever I meet someone they always mention the fact that Oregon is known for their trees. In that case lets not just stop at that, trees are not only meant to purify the outdoors but we can also benefit by using plants in our homes to improve our quality of air indoors. The top plants to use indoors are the Aloe plant, English Ivy plant, and Rubber tree plant. All of these plants serve different purposes in order to reach the same goal, better air quality.

Aloe Plant: This plant is most known for it's ability to supervise the air and eliminate pollutants, specifically chemicals used for cleaning. When there is an overkill of these pollutants the plant reacts by leaving brown spots on its leaves. In short this plant can be a measuring tool to notify you when you are using to many chemicals that may be harmful to your health. 

English Ivy: This plant has been proven to absorb the organic compound known as Methanal. It purifies the air and eliminates this pollutant. This is also good to have in your home in order to improve your overall air quality. 

Rubber Tree: Lastly this tree contributes to cleaner air because of its ability to rid the air of toxins. This is important because toxins are harmful to your health. The duty of this plant is to clear the air so that it is toxic free and purified. With these three plants you can ensure that your home is pollutant, methanal, and toxic free. These plants can guarantee to improve the air quality inside your homes and most importantly improve your health. 

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