Importance of Ventilation

One of the easiest, yet harder to implement, solutions to poor indoor quality is ventilation. Proper air ventilation is the first step to cleaning up the air in your home. Most homes have poor ventilation which contributes to a lack of clean air coming in and preventing bad air from leaving. Basic solutions include opening windows, running fans in the attic or other areas, using kitchen and bathroom fans. A spendy solution to poor air quality is to install advanced ventilation systems in your home.
These include:
Filtering: Contaminants are a filtered and fresh air fills the home. Filters need to be replaced periodically.
Preconditioning: Humidity control for warmer climates and colder climates that use heating in the winter.
Booster fans: May already be in your home, but these booster fans control moisture in the bathroom in kitchen when using appliances.
Another draw back to an advanced ventilation is that when installed to your home you must have proper education and ventilation to the systems.
It is important to be aware of the ventilation in your home and to understand how proper ventilation can affect your health and the health of your family. Old HVAC systems or poorly maintained ventilation can lead to serious health problems.
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