Hookah Lounges May Not Be the Place For You

Hookah lounges may be relaxing but that environment is not relaxing for your lungs. Although many hookah shops are popping up in many cities, you would be surprised to know that indoor hookah shops are actually more harmful than indoor cigarette lounges. Just because the tobacco is being smoked through a water pipe doesn't mean it's healthier. It has been compared to smoking a pack of cigarettes per hookah pipe. In fact they produce more indoor air pollution than any other types of indoor smoke lounges. The air quality in a high percentage of the hookah lounges are at an unhealthy level. This is not just a risk to the customers but the employees and staff too. What solutions have been made to control the air quality?

It's interesting that the lounges have yet to find air purifiers or systems to help keep the air quality at a healthier rate. This will at least make it safer for those that work there to not be put at such a high risk for lung damage and second hand smoke. Even putting such lounges outdoor would help to keep a better balance. Although we know that smoking is unhealthy, it doesn't mean that it will make people stop smoking. So make sure the next time you go in to a hookah lounge its outside.

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