Are Vacuum Cleaners Polluting Your Home?

Dust and bacteria that trigger allergies

Well vacuum cleaners are suppose to help you maintain a clean environment but as you vacuum your house to get rid of all that dust, dirt, and bacteria it may actually be making things worse, not better. There are certain vacuum cleaners that release a high amount of particles through their exhaust. The dust and bacteria that comes out and back into the air can spread infections and trigger allergies. In fact, the exhaust air (emission) from typical vacuums can be five to ten times as polluted as the (ambient) air in the room. 
HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

What are we supposed to do now, knowing that vacuum cleaners is not actually helping us maintain our indoor air? You’re in luck. There are actually some vacuums with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that released only slightly lower levels of dust and bacteria than vacuums that do not use these special filters. HEPA filters are supposed to remove 99.9% of the pollen, animal dander, and even bacteria from the air. Cleaning regularly with a certified sealed HEPA vacuum can dramatically improves air quality by reducing the amount of airborne allergens, dust, and harmful chemicals in your home. 
HEPA Filter

In order to achieve a healthy vacuum solutions, the first element is to look for a low-emission, health and allergen-friendly vacuum that is a high-filtration disposable bag. A bag limits the operator’s exposure to the harmful particles. The second element that is needed to achieve lower emissions is the additional stages of filtration after the bag to trap the smallest particles, and those that can cause the most harm like dust mites and their feces and pet dander. These harmful pollutants can squeeze through the pores in the bag and must be stopped by HEPA filter. Lastly, to complete the low-emissions process, the vacuum should boost sealed-system design. If leaks exist along the suction paths as it progresses towards the filtration process, the high polluted air is escaping back into the ambient air. In a sealed-system, all dirty air is forced through every stage of filtration before being exhausted into the ambient air. 

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