"Americans Spend 90% of Their Time Indoors"

While sitting on your couch, how often does the question 'I wonder what this couch is really made of' come to your mind? Well, it has never been brought to my attention either to even consider what went into making the best couch I've ever owned. To be honest, I never really knew that I had to worry about something like that. However, in order to protect homes from catching fire, a long time ago certain products were being used to make couches "safer." Some companies are still using these products and there have been studies that show that these products are in fact causing other forms of harm, such as causing women to have miscarriages.

Since "on average, Americans spend 90% of their time indoors" it is important to understand the different products that are used in the places that we are spending the majority of our time. By refusing to purchase things that aren't safe, it will require the companies who make them to make them with safe products. 

To learn more about potential harmful chemicals found in your couch at home before it's too late, please visit the link below.