Your Furniture Might Be Making You Sick

Do you have furniture within your home? Like for most people, the answer may be “yes.” But did you know that home furniture may be one of the biggest causes of indoor air pollution? The furniture you have in your house may be emitting allergens and chemicals into the air that can have negative health effects. Pet dander, which is composed of tiny, microscopic flecks of skin from animals, can easily stick to furniture like couches, beds, and bedding. Dust mites, which are microscopic insect-like pests, also live in your furniture like couches, mattresses, and carpets. Both dander and dust mites are leading causes of allergic reactions leading to persistent coughing, sneezing, congestion, and asthma attacks.
Also, if your furniture was purchased before 2006 it most likely contains PBDEs which acts as a flame retardant. The chemical used with the intention of saving lives may be emitting dangerous toxins with serious health risks. PBDEs normally will not trigger an acute response in the body but the cumulative effects can be very serious. As exposure to PBDEs increase there is also an increased risk of permanent nervous and reproductive system damage. It has also been proven to show serious neurological damage in small children.
To limit the pollution within your home from dust mites and dander the best thing you can do is to keep your household clean. Vacuum and change your bedding frequently and always remember to change your mattresses every couple of years. To limit the PBDEs within your home do your homework and check with the manufacturer about the product. Rid your house of any furniture with PBDEs and definitely replace any furniture with holes because PBDEs can easily escape through small openings. 

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