Keeping Your Indoor Air Clean

Scented air fresheners may give us a clean smell, but it doesn’t always mean it will give us clean air. The synthetic fragrances contain alcohols, aldehydes (like formaldehyde, which is a common indoor air pollutant and known carcinogen), and aromatic hydrocarbons, which irritates the eyes and respiratory system. Just when we thought that keeping our indoor air smelling clean, we were able to keep our air clean.

There are just too many chemicals in these air fresheners’ product, the word “fragrance” is a fancy word that may hide dozen of chemicals that we think it’s safe to use it for our indoor air. But it’s not too late to change how you keep your indoor air clean. There are natural ways to keeping it safe and healthy. 

These natural ways can keep your indoor air clean and fresh, than using an aerosol spray air fresheners. Nowadays, there are many “do it yourself” ways on the internet to keep your indoor air clean and smelling fresh. One way, of course is opening your windows and doors for a short period of time which can do more for your home’s indoor air quality than a host of commercial fragrances. Vinegar and baking soda can help eliminate odors in the kitchen and or places throughout your home. Also houseplants are amazing air filters that are effective at increasing oxygen and clearing out toxins for you. 

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