Should You Test Your Home or Business?

As you evaluate the indoor air pollution in your home or have concerns about the indoor air quality of your local schools and business' you may wonder if you should hire a company to assess the indoor air quality (IAQ), but common sense and your own evaluation could be good enough.
The Connecticut department of health noted that testing should not be the first step due to the lack of set standards and the variance of situations from home to home or business to business, "the lack of enforceable standards makes interpretations a risky business". Individual reactions to indoor air pollutants, like mold, vary a great deal. Homes vary as well when indoor air quality guidelines are concerned, newer homes are not set to the same standards as older homes.

The first step to evaluating IAQ is to identify problems yourself. Walk through your home or place of business and use your senses to identify potential problems. For example, evaluate the general cleanliness of the building and the cleaning agents used. The key is being able to identify pollutants.
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