Ever thought about the air you breath…inside your Car?

When we think of indoor air quality we limit ourselves to homes and buildings. What we forget is that most American’s spend a significant amount of time in their cars. They use them to run errands such as getting groceries, going to and from work, appointments etc. Getting to and from destinations is a huge part of our lives. When we are in our cars we don’t think about the pollutants that our cars hold. Cars have very little space and they are very compact, the pollutants that the air conditioning systems sucks in from the outside can be dangerous. These include vehicle exhaust, road dust, greenhouse gases, cigarette smoke etc. The cleanliness of your car is very important because it can be overlooked. On rainy days mud and water can be tracked from your children's soccer game and this can be a pathway to mold and other toxic pollutants. Vacuuming your car frequently, airing it out while driving, using your air conditioning system as little as possible can all be ways to help decrease these pollutants. 

To learn more about the hidden dangers inside your car and to decrease the pollutants, visit the following sites;