Indoor Air Pollution

Rich or Poor, We All Have to Breath in Order to Survive

      In door air pollution is an ongoing problem, specifically looking at how it affects developing countries. Although it does have an affect on the United States as well it is not as substantial when compared to developing countries. One thing that all humans have in common no matter location, is that we have to eat and stay warm throughout the winter season. Unfortunately because other countries are not fully developed the sources they use to cook and heat their homes are very dangerous. In order for developing countries to achieve their needs, they use materials such has animal dung, crop residue, and wood. When these materials are burned to generate heat the combustion from them are highly dangerous to inhale. Similarly in the Untied States many homes are occupies by stove tops for cooking, the nitrogen dioxide that is emitted when used it is also dangerous to inhale. 
       Possible solutions to this problem could be ensuring that when using these dangerous materials you have proper ventilation. This would not eliminate entirely the dangers of inhaling these dangerous chemicals but it could possibly decrease the effect. On the other hand it would be ideal to educate developing countries and provide them with safer alternatives that could also heat their food and homes. Developing countries should not have to compromise their health in order to fulfill needs that are essential to survival. 

Possible ventilation solutions that decrease the amount of dangerous chemicals one has to inhale in their homes.

These solutions can also be applied to the developing countries when it comes to the use of materials and proper ventilation is a must. 

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