Indoor Air Pollution - Solutions to bad air at home

Turn on the exhaust hood while stove is being used

Open the window when any type of smoke is exposed inside
Finding a solution to poor air quality at home isn't as easy as it seems once you taken out the obvious solutions. To play your role and help somewhat improve the air around you, you are able to do a couple of these things. First one is by using your exhaust hood above your stove. By doing that, you are able to reduce the amount of air pollution that would eventually spread around your home. Another option would be to simply crack open a window. Just doing that can let in fresh air to replace the bad one. It might sound too easy and too good to be true, but some solutions to problems don't always have to be complicated. This is only a couple of ideas that could improve the air. The rest of the ideas will have to come from you. There are some sites provided below to give some tips and maybe it will trigger something inside of your head whenever you come across air pollution at home.

Check out these sources for more tips: