Indoor Air Pollution - Home Kitchens

Could you be cooking up something hazardous to your health?
Everyone has a stove in their household, which they will eventually use to cook their daily meals if needed. Not many know that there have been many deaths or illnesses that are caused by the air pollution within the home that comes from the stove sometimes. An example of some of the deaths that could occur are lung cancer, strokes, anything heart related. Natural gas that come from cooking appliances can make the air quality a bit worse. A way to somewhat prevent this is by using the exhaust hood that's provided above or by simply opening a window, but that can only do so much. Some types of gases that are in the air could be carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. If you're one of those rare few who never use their stove or don't know how, consider yourself lucky this time. Careful the next time you choose to use a stove or anything in your household that might produce some type of gas. You could be cooking much more than you or your family can handle.

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